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Vancouver, British Columbia, Serving: Vancouver
The purpose of the organization is to provide non-judgmental, non-sectarian services to adult men and women who suffer from a wide variety of problems including: mental illness, chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, mental/physical handicaps, chronic health problems, including HIV/Aids, legal issues or those unable to cope.
Kingston, Ontario, Serving: Kingston
A committee of people who want to improve their quality of life, find out what their rights are in regards to family benefits and general welfare, and who support each other. LINC lobbies government officials to reform social assistance policy and advocates on behalf of individuals.
Waterloo, Ontario, Serving: Waterloo Region
Founded on Christian values, is dedicated to building better futures with individuals, families and communities. Programs and services include: children's mental health treatment, employment development,small business training, therapeutic counselling, senior's housing, housing action centre, rent bank and services for low income tenants.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Toronto
Provides education and support to assist sex workers in their efforts to live and work with safety and dignity.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Serving: Winnipeg
Provides a safe, respectful and accessible place for individuals at risk in our community. The agency advocates for a more inclusive society and assists marginalized individuals to make real choices. Services include: crisis, shelter, transitional housing, Detox, and detention area for intoxicated persons.
Montreal, Québec (Province), Serving: Montreal
Offers shelter to those who are HIV-positive and homeless.
Montreal, Québec (Province), Serving: Montreal
Provides shelter for women and children who are victims of violence or in difficulty.
Montreal, Québec (Province), Serving: Montreal
Provides shelter and emotional support for abused women and their children.
Quebec, Québec (Province), Serving: Quebec
Provides shelter and re-integration services for the homeless, former mental patients, those struggling with addiction, and others in need. Service include meals, therapy, assisted housing, social adaptation and spiritual development.
Montreal, Québec (Province), Serving: Montreal
Provides a support group and recreational activities for transient individuals, and helps those with mental illness to re-enter the workforce.

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