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Amherst, Nova Scotia
The Alpha Centre in partnership with the CCSOTAS offers front line

solutions to homelessness, affordable housing, clothing, food, education,

employment and spiritual needs. The Centre was established following a

collaboration of efforts and over 25 years of ground work in CUmberland

County.This is a model project offering solid solutions to one of Canada's long standing social problems.
Sarnia, Ontario, Serving: Sarnia and region
Our mission is to provide service with dignity to those who are in need of food and shelter. We run a soup kitchen and food bank and provide clothing and small household items. Our homelessness initiative provides emergency shelter to youth and one-time financial assistance to assist those in need with rent and utilities.
Edmonton, Alberta, Serving: Edmonton
Dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of people in Edmonton's inner city. We offer a food bank, a community drop-in centre, hot meals, and outreach services. We run the Edmonton Community Correctional Chaplaincy, which involves the community in supporting newly released prisoners, as well as providing work experience for ex-inmates and other inner city residents. Our Personal Assistance Centre provides household goods, emergency food, personal items and clothing to those in need.
Belleville, Ontario, Serving: Belleville
Offers a 24hr residential service for women in transition, individual and group counselling in the shelter and in the community.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Toronto
Provides housing for up to 200 individuals in 34 houses; supports efforts by individuals and families to find secure housing.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Toronto
Offers one-month accomodations, three meals a day, and coordinates resources.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Toronto
Shelter provided throiughout the cold season which runs September to May. Food bank services also provided.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Toronto
The Toronto Harm Reduction Task Force is an association of professionals, agencies and community members that work together to reduce harm to individuals and communities associated with illicit drug use. The THRTF works with the following definition of harm reduction: A policy or program directed towards decreasing the adverse health, social, and economic consequences of drug use without requiring abstinence from drug use. [Harm Reduction: Concepts & Practice; Diane Riley et al] OBJECTIVES: To reduce individual and community harms associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs; To provide a Toronto-wide network of individuals, organizations and groups to share information, strategies and expertise; To develop and implement harm reduction strategies in Toronto; To provide public information and education on harm reduction principles and practices; To initiate, conduct and collaborate in public research into the efficacy of harm reduction; To liaise with other groups and organizations with related objectives, nationally and internationally.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Toronto
Provides direct support and practical assistance for people living with AIDS, also educational outreach through Speakers program.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Toronto
A network of social housing providers and community agencies providing a coordinated access system for those seeking affordable rental housing, including landed immigrants and refugees, seniors, persons with mental or physical disabilities, persons with terminal illnesses, and those living in abusive situations.

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