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Montreal, Québec (Province)
Directory Listings
Notre ministère se veut un service d'amour universel fait de compassion, de respect pour la personne dans la recherche de la justice sociale, quelle que soit la tâche que nous accomplissons au sein de cette œuvre de promotion humaine et sociale, que ce soit à titre de bénévole, d'employé ou d'administrateur.
Ottawa, Ontario
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To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, supply basic human needs, provide personal counselling, and undertake the spiritual and moral regeneration and physical rehabilitation of all persons in need who come within its sphere of influence regardless of race, colour, creed, sex, or age.
Edmonton, Alberta
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Offers a continuum of services that meet individual and community needs by building on the strengths of people in a holitistic and practical way.
Markham, Ontario
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Offers street-level services and outreach to youth at risk; emergency and temporary shelters; crime prevention and services to young offenders
Brandon, Manitoba
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Housing, recreation, employment and drop-in services for post-psychiatric clientele.
Brandon, Manitoba
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Is an urban Aboriginal Service Delivery Agency. It exists to administer and implement programs to meet the needs of people, either migrating to cities, or living in them. It offers a daycare, parenting programs, career education, daily drop-in centre, a non-profit housing unit, referrals to other social services, and many other programs. Membership is open to both Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals.
Port Moody, British Columbia
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Provides a free and safe haven for Vancouver street youth in an atmosphere of friendly creative activity, including writing, drawing in various media, acrylic and oil painting, pottery, and sewing. In addition, the Studio provides basic snacks, computer access, and counselling.
Vancouver, British Columbia
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Provides safe, affordable, accessible, culturally appropriate housing for women
Peterborough, Ontario
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Provides temporary shelter for homeless men at Kingan House and serves hot meals.
Brockville, Ontario
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Provides intensive treatment and rehabilitation services to clients in the community, and prevents unnecessary admissions to hospital; if clients are admitted, reduces the length of time required in hospital and prevents unnecessary readmissions.

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