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Welland, Ontario, Serving: Welland
Assists clients with accessing and sustaining permanent, affordable accommodation. Provides life skills and support to maintain accommodation. Advocacy with private landlords, Ontario Social Services, Ontario Disability Support Program. Networking and collaborating with community partners to raise resources and awareness for the homeless.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Toronto
Provides a point of access to health care for marginalized populations that have been traditionally underserved.
Hamilton, Ontario, Serving: Hamilton, North and Central
Wesley Urban Ministries has a vision of community, where justice and compassion guide the way we live, where all members are treated with respect and dignity. To achieve our vision, we will use our resources to: - decrease barriers by developing and delivering programs that address the needs of people who are marginalised - increase opportunities by providing services that help individuals to achieve their full potential - be a model and catalyst for social transformation. Wesley Urban Ministries has been in operation since 1955, now with six locations and a dozen programs in Hamilton for people who are financially or otherwise marginalised. Wesley's programs are offered in the following areas: shelter, homelessness and poverty; child, youth and family; employment, education, health and housing.
Roxboro, Québec (Province), Serving: West Island of Montreal
Offers women who are victims of conjugal violence and their children temporary lodging, telephone counseling, as well as individual and group counseling.
Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Serving: West Prince area
Offers support and assistance to individuals and families in the West Prince area who are in need. We provide food, clothing, and other necessities of life, as well as assisting in the development of basic living skills such as the preparation of nutritious meals.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Toronto
Aims to prevent homelessness through community education, housing help services, and a registry of vacant units, supplied by landlords.
Edmonton, Alberta, Serving: Edmonton
Most commonly known as WIN House, Edmonton Women's Shelter is for women with children or without children, who have experienced physical, emotional, economic, or spiritual abuse from their husbands or intimate partners. WIN House offers temporary shelter, food, clothing, and personal necessities for women and children (for a period of up to three weeks) who are seeking refuge from abusive relationships, as well as weekly support groups, crisis counseling, outreach and information about the cycle and effects of family violence. Additional services include: a 24 hour support and information line, referrals to community agencies, visits by a member of the Victorian Order of Nurses for primary health care, visits from a representative of Alberta Human Resources and Employment to assist shelter residents with applying for the Supports for Independence (Social Assistance) Program, and a Child Support program.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Toronto
Windfall receives donations of new clothing from manufacturers and retailers and distributes them to 80 social service agencies serving those who are homeless, in shelters, or at risk of homelessness.
Kelowna, British Columbia, Serving: Kelowna
WINGS provides a Home environment that is safe and comfortable for all women and children. We operate a residential dwelling where accommodations and duties

are shared. All are able to remain in the Homes as long as they need to.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Serving: Winnipeg
Assists target populations through crisis periods and helps them make the best possible use of the Winnipeg's rehabilitation and support services.

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