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Vancouver, British Columbia, Serving: Vancouver
Provides Vancouver tenants with information and referral regarding housing and related services, and with legal information regarding tenant/landlord rights and responsibilities. Also offers limited relocation assistance to senior citizens and people with disabilities who are unable to search for housing on their own.
Saint John, New Brunswick, Serving: Saint John
Provides programs/ services to women in conflict with the law and survivors of childhood incest.
Montréal, Québec (Province), Serving: Québec and Beyond
Major objectives are to develop and expand knowledge about homelessness and extreme poverty and integrate this knowledge through research practices based on partnerships and exchanges with various milieus. The CRI brings together university researchers, practitioners from institutional and community groups, and representatives of public and community organisations specializing in homelessness.
Trois-Rivières, Québec (Province), Serving: Trois-Rivières
Les services offerts: organisation de rencontres d'échange, de formation et d'information sur différents sujets concernant le logement; diverses activités visant à améliorer les conditions de vie des locataires et à défendre leurs droits; promotion du logement social comme moyen de lutte à la pauvreté; un service de consultation et d'intervention gratuit et confidentiel; soutien aux démarches auprès du propriétaire, de la Régie du logement, de l'Office municipal d'habitation, etc; et accompagnement lors des démarches.
Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Serving: Corner Brook
We provide a refuge and support system for women who have been emotionally and/or physically assaulted, threatened or harassed; including temporary accommodations, food and other necessities on an emergency basis. We also help women and their children obtain services like legal aid, health and community resources, medical help, accommodations and employment counselling.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Serving: Halifax
CAH works in partnership within the community, the advance community

solutions to homelessness, and the right to a home as key to the quality of life for everyone in the community. CAH does work around advocacy, capacity and partnership building, and awareness.
Belleville, Ontario
The Community Advocacy & Legal Centre is a non-profit community legal

clinic. We are a partner in the Housing Working Group in Hastings County,

Ontario. The Housing Working Group is releasing a report "Boxed In: The

Affordable Housing Crisis in Hastings County" on November 22, 2004. We are

recommending and have initiated the formation of an Affordable Housing

Action Network with an ambitious Action Plan for 2005/6. We have applied

for SCPI financial assistance to help develop the network.
St. Catharines, Ontario, Serving: St. Catharines and Thorold
Distributes good used clothing, small household articles, and food to residents living below the poverty line as well as those in emergency situations with a demonstrated need. The St Catharines office may provide limited assistance for dental/vision care, as well as operating the Food Bank and the Christmas Bureau.
Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Serving: Summerside
Provides employment, residential and support services to adult persons with mental handicaps.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Serving: Vancouver
To provide banking and financial services to community residents, in a neighbourhood where many residents would not be eligible for commercial banking services, and where banks had been moving out.

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