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Yes, In My Back Yard: A guide for Ontario's supportive housing providers

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Brief Description: A tool kit focussing on the community consultation process, and how to deal with widespread fears and prejudices about mental illness. While designed for organizations wanting to develop supportive housing, it is also useful for housing developers encountering opposition because of the people they house.

The kit describes the rights of people with mental illness under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; outlines the planning approvals process; helps supportive housing developers know what to expect; suggests ways to prepare for community consultation; describes strategies for navigating through opposition; offers answers to typical objections to housing for people with mental illness.

About the Resource

Author: HomeComing, Community Choice Coalition

Organization Name: HomeComing, Community Choice Coalition

Date Published: November 2003

Types of Activities: Advocacy, Public education, Planning / policy development, Partnership / coalition development, Community development

Principal Clients: Living with mental illness


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