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Against the Odds: A profile of marginalized and street-involved youth in BC

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Brief Description: A study spanning 9 British Columbia communities, with findings based on surveys completed by street youth. Findings are focused on family relationships, school & work, physical and sexual health, as well as violence. The research provides a perspective of regular factors in the life of marginalized BC youth, and can be of assistance in guiding the development of comprehensive program and policy development suited towards current needs.

About the Resource

Author: Smith, A, Saewyc, E, Albert, M, MacKay, L, Northcott, M, and The McCreary Centre Society (2007)

Organization Name: The McCreary Centre Society

Date Published: June 2007

Types of Activities: Research, Planning / policy development, Public education

Principal Clients: Youth

This listing was last updated on: June 6, 2007

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