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Tips & Traps: A Layman's Guide to Using Shelter Data for Homelessness Research

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Brief Description: The purpose of the “Tips & Traps” presentation is to demonstrate: homelessness research & Toronto’s shelter data; how research helps address homelessness; and the “demography” of homelessness. The goal is to provide a “TIPS & TRAPS” guide for others exploring the use of shelter data for similar purposes.

About the Resource

Author: Harvey Low

Organization Name: City of Toronto Social Development Finance & Administration Division, Social Policy Analysis & Research Unit

Date Published: May 2005

Types of Activities: Funding, Housing development, Housing provision, Research, Public education, Direct service provision, Planning / policy development, Client advocacy, Advocacy, Shelter provision, Community development, Partnership / coalition development

Principal Clients: Substance abuse, Families, Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, Adults, Singles, Hard-to-house, Low or fixed income, Ex-offenders, Victims of violence, Facing racism / discrimination, Seniors, Living with mental illness, Women, Newcomers, Youth, Concurrent disorders, Disabled / chronically ill, HIV / AIDS, Men, Children, Aboriginal

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