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Lead Organization
Mission Community Services Society
Mission, British Columbia, Serving: Mission and surrounding areas
The card program is a program that allows individuals in the community to purchase a card that is redeemable for essential, tangible items. They can then pass these cards on to needy or homeless individuals in the community rather than giving them money.
Affordable New Home Development Foundation
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Serving: Saskatoon
Assiting low income households work towards home ownership through education, support and information.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Serving: Calgary
The Avenue 15 Youth Shelter offers homeless and runaway youth a safe, accessible, short-term alternative to life on the street. Counselling and planning for the future are an integral part of every day's activities as they help teens return home or find safe, positive places to live.
ACCESS - Building Futures Today
West Vancouver, British Columbia, Serving: British Columbia
BladeRunners is a work-based training program for at-risk youth that focuses on construction and related trades. Its mission is to provide disadvantaged youth with construction trades training and to place them on paid internships on public and private sector construction projects to gain hands-on building trades experience.
Anglican Social Services Centre 454
Ottawa, Ontario, Serving: Ottawa
A part-time arts program conceived and developed to improve the quality of life and self-esteem of homeless, street-involved and low-income people. Program includes art-making sessions held three times a week, art-related field trips, social planning meetings and exhibitions with art sales held every two months.
Old Brewery Mission
Montreal, Québec (Province), Serving: Montreal
A summer camp serving women and children from low income, high risk backgrounds. The camp operates a range of programs designed to address issues that can lead to homelessness. In addition the program connects participants to resources either while at the camp or upon return to the community.
Stella Burry Community Services
St. John's, Newfoundland, Serving: St. John's
A 14 unit supportive housing project integrated with education, employment and health supports to meet the needs of low-income, hard to house individuals, including those with mental illness and addictions and individuals coming out of institutions. A strong and continuing emphasis on community development has avoided a NIMBY backlash. Initiative has resulted in increased collaboration between service providers.
Carnegie Community Centre
Vancouver, British Columbia, Serving: Downtown Eastside
Through research, public education, advocacy and direct action, CCAP focuses on community development issues that affect Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Their focus includes housing and drug policy, public space and gentrification issues.
Causeway Work Centre
Ottawa, Ontario, Serving: Ottawa
A non-profit agency working with persons with disabilities in a rehabilitation model, with a focus on employment as a key component of recovery and integration in the community. The centre operates a range of client-centered programs that combine business and social service models to create employment readiness and opportunities for clients with mental illness.
Centre 507 Association of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Serving: Ottawa
A drop-in program providing a safe and welcoming environment for chronically homeless individuals, those at risk of homelessness, or experiencing isolation in rooming houses or run-down apartments.

As clients reach a level of comfort with 507 staff, staff can pro-actively intervene by providing basic toiletry supplies, clothing, advocacy and referrals to other agencies (eg. job training or housing programs). The Centre offers supportive listening for clients, but not formal counselling.

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