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Montreal, Québec (Province), Serving: Montreal
Provides a place to start friendships and get affordable meals.
Bolton, Ontario, Serving: Bolton and Peel Region
A not-for-profit, health and social service agency giving people caring support in times of change. Programs include supportive housing for seniors, respite/caregiver relief, transportation for seniors and people with disabilites, and crisis support in the form of emergency food and funds.
Calgary, Alberta, Serving: Calgary
Our mission is to compassionately and confidentially provide non-political non-sectarian services, by way of day and night shelter, food, recreation, counseling, computer access, and job placement to those in need, including referrals to the various support services available in the community with the ultimate purpose of reintegrating clients into the mainstream of society.
Calgary, Alberta, Serving: Calgary
Using a partnership model, provides capital funding for housing projects and is committed to providing the vehicle for community consultation on homelessness issues and community collaboration on solutions. In 2002-2003, the Foundation facilitated $12.7 million in funding to provide an additional 185 living spaces for homeless people in Calgary.
Calgary, Alberta, Serving: Calgary
We are a charitable organization dedicated to the gathering and distribution of quality emergency food to those in need. We provide direct help in the form of emergency food hampers and share our food donations with other local charities.
Calgary, Alberta, Serving: Southern Alberta
Takes advantage of opportunities which enable individuals to access a comprehensive range of vocational, employment, and career-related services.

CVS builds strong corporate service and business partnerships which serve to influence the industry and heighten the profile of the organization.

CVS influences the future by demonstrating excellence in service and business performance standards and by being accountable to our public, business, and client associates.
Ottawa, Ontario, Serving: Nationwide
Government of Canada's national housing agency, helping Canadians gain access to a wide choice of quality affordable homes.
Ottawa, Ontario, Serving: Canada
Provides housing information through a library and database which is searchable on-line.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Canada-wide
The Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative provides loan and mortgage financing (not grants) to groups creating housing, community economic development projects and other charitable or social justice endeavours. Risk and social merit are considered in determining interest rates. Applicants must demonstrate ability to repay loans. Applications are available on our website.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Canada
Represents food banks in every province. While we provide member food banks with groceries for people in need day-to-day, we ultimately work toward a hunger-free Canada. To this end, we advocate for food bank clients, research food bank use, coordinate donations, and create partnerships with other non-profit organizations, industry, and the government. Our website includes a large national listing of food banks.

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