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Prince George, British Columbia, Serving: Prince George
Provides assistance to lower income people dealing with various government agencies including services for disabled. Acts as a guide for the empowerment of education and self-determination of the poor and acts as an agent of change for inclusive community. Provides management for downtown emergency shelter on Third Avenue.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Serving: Halifax
Emergency shelter for homeless women and their children. It offers essential support services such as advocacy, referrals and counselling.
Toronto, Ontario, Serving: Ontario
Works to better the housing situation of Ontario residents who have low incomes including tenants, co-op members and people who are homeless. ACTO achieves this through test case litigation, lobbying and law reform, housing policy work,

community organizing, and public legal education. ACTO works with legal clinics, tenant associations and other groups and individuals concerned about housing issues.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Serving: Saskatoon
A non-profit organization dedicated to assisting renters to become homeowners, thereby securing permanent housing where they can feel safe and secure.
Scarborough, Ontario, Serving: Scarborough
Offers Information Scarborough, which provides information about and referrals to community service organizations in Scarborough; Food Security programs; Off the Streets into Shelter project; Brown Bag luncheon; emergency food bank and homeless drop-in.
St. John's, Newfoundland, Serving: Newfoundland and Labrador
Provides supportive programs and services aimed at preventing HIV/AIDS and supporting persons living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. These include: public education, counselling and support, needle exchange, free condoms, outreach services, the PHA Health Fund, a resource library, and referrals to other organizations.
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Serving: province-wide
A provincial organization committed to facilitating community-based responses to the issues of HIV/AIDS. Our programs include distributing condoms and offering a needle exchange program, as well as pre- and post-test support to those being tested for HIV/AIDS. We also provide a food bank, treatment information, and support funds for people living with HIV/AIDS. A confidential information line and a resource library are available, as are public education services, referrals, policy consultations and advocacy.
Calgary, Alberta, Serving: Calgary
To reduce the harm associated with HIV/AIDS for young adults and street youth, to provide necessary tools for prevention, strategies for prevention, education and outreach often through peer education.
Red Deer, Alberta, Serving: Alberta
A broad based, provincial group which will create a unified voice to promote change, increase community knowledge and share information on homelessness and affordable housing.
Rexdale, Ontario, Serving: Rexdale
Provide outreach to people in shelters; mediate landlord/tenant disputes to ensure housing retention.

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